Note: Currently available Master and PhD Program only

Industrial Engineering

IUS Industrial Engineering program is designed to provide students with a solid basis in mathematics and science, as well as in engineering economics, manufacturing systems, production and inventory control, operations research, quality engineering, reliability, facilities planning, materials handling and information technology. We encourage our students to participate in industrial internships to acquire practical experience to complement their industrial engineering education. Industrial engineering is a discipline dedicated to the design, installation, improvement and control of integrated systems of people, materials and facilities in a wide range of organizations that produce goods or services. Thus, it is a field of study intended for individuals who are interested in analyzing and formulating abstract models of complex systems with the intention of improving system performance. Like other engineering fields, industrial engineering is dealing with solving problems through the application of specialized knowledge in mathematics and natural science, as well as the principles of engineering. One of the important characteristic of industrial engineering is its system approach to integrate the basic resources of production and service systems and other relevant resources, such as information and energy, in such a way as to create a harmonized, efficient and competitive operation within an enterprise.

Employment opportunities

Our graduates gain necessary skills to practice their profession in wide range of working environments in all types of enterprises, ranging from large industries such as manufacturing, logistics to transportation and construction. It also encompasses service industries, such as health care, retail, banking, insurance and consulting to government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The career opportunities for Industrial engineering graduates include.

What is the difference?

Industrial engineering study program is unique of its kind in the country and one of a few in the region. It is recognized for the quality of teching and research of its members but it is also praised by the students for the content of the program.