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IUS Wordy 2021 - English language competition

The competition consists of two parts aiming to test both comprehension and production of language. 

  1. Register at
  2. Choose ONE of the topics below and write an essay (800-1000 words)
    • Why do we need more ethics and less conformity in our society?
    • Why studying at the IUS is a great career choice?
    • What are some reasons why I love Bosnia and Herzegovina?
  3. E-MAIL YOUR ESSAY at by February 19.

Participants’ productive skills will be assessed through a writing task, requiring them to write an essay on one of the topics offered. The essay will be graded in terms of its content as well as linguistic accuracy (grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation), while the interview will give us a better insight in the student’s knowledge of the English language. All the interviews will be recorded and the best ones will be chosen by a group of professional English instructors. The winner will be the competitor who achieves the best score from these two parts.


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