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SPS and ELIT organized an Educational Trip

On Tuesday, 31st of May, 2016, SPS and ELIT professors organized the educational trip to Mostar, Blagaj and Stolac. The purpose of this trip was to introduce students to the artistic, historical, cultural and literary dimensions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. SPS and ELIT students had an opportunity to learn outside the classroom, to socialize more with their colleagues and to develop their leadership and team-building skills. Organizing this trip as student-centered activity would have been impossible without the support of the International University of Sarajevo.

The trip consisted of visiting several destinations and the first one was the site of the Old Bridge in Mostar. Dr. Admir Mulaosmanovic, SPS Program Coordinator, used this opportunity to deliver very informative lecture about the history of the bridge, its architectural construction and its restoration. Dr. Mulaosmanovic articulated the view that Mostar has always been Bosniak cultural and intellectual center. The second destination was Blagaj, situated at the spring of the Buna River and a historical tekke. Dr. Mulaosmanovic articulated spiritual importance of tekke throughout the Bosnian history. The final destination was visit of the archaeological site of the ancient Ilirian town “Daorson” situated in place Ošanići, near Stolac. Since it was the capital of the Hellenized Illyrian tribes, the students had a great time listening to valuable historical lessons about Bosnia and Herzegovina within Greco-Roman sphere of influence. Therefore, the trip was indeed historical travelling through ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

31st of May SPS and ELIT students will always remember as they used an opportunity to ‘walk and to experience’ history. Sharing his experience of the trip after arrival to Sarajevo, one of the students stated: “It is always good to hear and remind ourselves of the rich history, this beautiful country carries with itself. This trip provided us with wonderful educational experience.” 

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